2009 World Masters

The 2009 World Masters starts at the end of this week ( ). I have joined up with West Pymble FC and will be competing in the Over 40’s Competitive division. There are 4 pools. We are in pool 1. The first 2 teams from each pool go through to the finals. The first final is played on Friday 16th. The draw works well for us as we have a bye on the 15th. Giving us a day’s rest before the finals start (assuming of course we get that far). 10/10/2009 10:15 AM VSP 1 Woolworths United Seniors v West Pymble FC 11/10/2009 11:30 AM VSP 1 Dunrooten United v West Pymble FC 12/10/2009 04:30 PM VSP 2 West Pymble FC v Dunbar Rovers 14/10/2009 04:30 PM VSP 5 West Pymble FC v BUM FC 15/10/2009 West Pymble FC v Bye