Professional Advice Sought

After waking up and having to look in the mirror again I thought I had really better do something about this Mo. I have sought professional advice. I have known Peter Day, of Days Mens Hairdressing for some time now. He has a shop in the Circa Shopping centre at Bella Vista . I have asked Peter for some assistance in obtaining the Mo that was voted for. Alas, Peter advised me that the current situation of my face will need to remain as is until much later in the month. At which time he will be able to work wonders and rescue me from this terrible plight that I am suffering.

Movember Results Are Now In

The results for the “Pick my Mo for Movember voting are now” in. See if you can guess what Mo I am growing. Or you can view the results here: Movember 2009 Results Don’t forget to Sponsor me at: See my Mo growing – up to day 10:

Sponsor Stephen for Movember

The big day has finally arrived and Movember is here! Please help me raise money for Men’s health, specifically for The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue – the national depression initiative You can donate directly to Movember here: You can Vote for my Mo here: Vote for my Mo Please do both. If you can’t donate, at least vote – it’s free. I have started my video of my Mo Growing, you can see up to day 6 below!

A Windows Server Disaster Recovery Plan goes into action in Sydney

We received a call yesterday from one of our customers. Their server was not running and would not start up. This customer is on our FixedIT comprehensive maintenance plan. We are responsible for ensuring that their server is up and running – at a fixed price. This means that we wear the risk of things like the server having a hard disk failure or some other type of disaster. The cost of getting their server back up and running is worn by us! I am sure you can understand that disaster recovery planning and preparation is high on our list of things to make sure happen. We employ a number of techniques to ensure our customers are covered in the case of a disaster. One of the primary techniques we use involves making images of ALL the hard drives on our client’s site. This client is a perfect example of how a well planned and implemented disaster recovery plan can save your business. Did you know that most businesses that lose their data close their doors within two years? David received the call from our client around 9:00am. He and John did some initial diagnosis over the phone and it quickly became apparent that we would be needed on site. John was on site before 10:00am and immediately started to investigate what was wrong with the server. Rather than bore you with the technical details I will summarise it this way. The server could not boot from the hard drive. The data on the hard drive was completely lost. This is the sort of disaster that businesses dread. However, this is where our disaster recovery plan kicked in. We knew what needed to be done and how to do it. Once we were certain that no data could be recovered from their server we commenced re-storing their server from their backups. 100Gb of data and a number of hours later their server was back up and running that same day! Their brush with disaster was avoided.

The Dream is Over

I sadly have to report that we were knocked out at the Quarter Finals. Going down 2-1 against Gladesville Hornsby Old Boys. We fought hard though and had we had the full 90 minutes I think we would have put in the second goal needed to level out the score. The final 4 and their results are below: Gold Medal Awarded to Laranja Mecanica do Brasil 40. Silver Medal awarded to Gladesville Hornsby Old Boys Bronze Medal awarded to Wahroonga Tigers 4th place Jesmond Rams Congratulations and well down to all the teams that played and especially to the three that took home the medals. The games are over and so now it is back to my normal weekly activity of helping small to medium businesses maximise the benefit they get from their IT (computer stuff).

Movember is coming

I will be growing a ‘Mo’ in Movember! Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health.