World Masters Accreditation

I picked up my accreditation for the World Masters last night. I queued for about 2 hours.

There are over 26,000 entrants to the World Masters. They all have to pick up their accreditation over a period of a few days. This would be one of those IT projects where the technical part is actually quite straight forward. The complex part would be the actual implementation. The sheer volume to transactions that need to be processed in such a short time is enormous. Every entrant needs to have photo identification. Many, like me, submitted a photo online weeks ago. But a significant number needed to have their photos taken whilst picking up their accreditation. Imagine trying to do this WITHOUT digital photography?

Despite the queue, they seemed to me to have a pretty good setup.

Tomorrow is the first game. Kick off at 10:15am at Valentine Sports Complex (VSP1) against Woolworths United Seniors.

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