Round 1: 4-0 to West Pymble FC

The 2009 Masters are finally underway and what a way to start. A 4 - 0 win over a very ordinary Woolworths team. Probably a relief more than anything as we have now scored 4 goals in our first Masters attempt and won't finish at the bottom of the pool. We played on what would be one of the best fields I have ever played on.

Woolworths generally had the better of the first 5 - 10 minutes. After that the midfield started to dominate and our right half (Steve Green) was too quick down the right sending over some great crosses which put them under pressure. Finally we took our chance and got the ball into back of the net and then repeated with a cross from the left which was met in the air for a great goal. The subs started coming on and soon took full control of the game.

We continued to dominate them through the second half and put away 2 more goals,

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