“With Navigatum, we always get value”

With IT you most definitely get what you pay for. As a tax accounting firm with offices in Sydney and the Gold Coast we’ve trusted Navigatum with our IT to link the 2 offices together. Navigatum’s very capable engineers have been able to solve every problem we have thrown at them in a cost-effective manner. With tax you cannot afford to lose sight of the solution and as accountants you cannot lose sight of the cost.

Navigatum’s daily backup system for our offices protects our data and provides security, which in our industry is vital. Viruses and cyber-attacks are a constant threat and we rely on Navigatum to monitor our systems, some of which are very sophisticated, and provide the necessary security adjustments that our staff simply does not have the necessary expertise to do.

We have almost completed a total business restructure comprising segregation of office systems, corporate segregation and the transfer of data and the installation of new hardware. Navigatum undertook this for us and provided the expertise, and the confidence, to ensure that the data transfer would occur without any significant downtime. They did this and at all times they preserved the confidential nature of the data. Our experience with Navigatum is that we always get value for money and again, on this occasion the value of this very important outcome.

We consider Navigatum to be a provider of quality expertise that exceeds their cost.

Terry Crozier
Crozier Accounts