“MAJOR SERVER FAILURE! Thousands of $$$ Saved and Our Systems Were Back Up and Running in Hours”

“MAJOR SERVER FAILURE! Thousands of $$$ Saved and Our Systems Were Back Up and Running in Hours”

Dear Stephen,

As you know in 2008 our IT support was getting beyond that which could be done effectively and affordably by part time staff. Something had to be done. As a charity our budget is always tight and we needed a service that was affordable, reliable, responsive and that could be tailored to our unique circumstances. Only Naviagtum was able to meet all these requirements.

In December 2008, when you wisely convinced us that we needed to update our backup technology, little did we know that in less than 3 months we would face a catastrophic failure of our main database server. When this unfortunate event did occur I announced to staff that we would be out of action for at least a week, possibly longer. I was so wrong, you were able to create a virtual server and reinstate our databases to full operational capacity within a few hours. This was truly amazing and has saved TADNSW thousands in lost productivity and substantially reduced staff anxiety levels.

I have come to realise that in a small organisation, having paid staff manage your network is false economy. Despite their commitment, no matter how well trained they were, over time they become less capable because their problem solving experience is quite limited in scope. They take longer to solve problems and their reduced exposure to new concepts means they do not necessarily make the best choices.

Our recent real time disaster recovery event has given TADNSW a sense of certainty that our systems are being well managed, that we are being well advised, that our support is timely and we feel a sense of personal commitment to TADNSW by Navigatum. That this quality service costs less than what we had been paying in a part time salary for our IT support, is icing on the cake.

Alan McGregor
Former CEO
TAD Disability Services